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Sunday, September 22, 2004

The Ace Web guy couldn't make the race this weekend (had to attend a wedding) but we all know how important the results are to all of you !!  So the ACE Treasurer, Rob Beyer, photographed the results for you and you know what?  He did a great job.   In fact,  I think his camera (and aim) is better than mine !!

No riding pics, of course, UNLESS someone sends us some "contributions" (a great way to become instantly famous you know or just show off that new graphics kit !!).  Hope everyone had a good day. 

See you all at Motofest on October 3rd !!

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100% of our Race Day Results

60cc 6-9
60cc 10-11
250 expert
250 amateur
250 novice
+30 expert
+30 amateur
+30 novice
+25 expert
+25 novice
+25 novice
Senior mini
Junior mini
+40 expert
Peewee Suz-Yam
+40 amateur
+40 novice
Open mini
125 expert
Peewee 7-8
125 amateur
125 novice
Peewee 4-6

These are all very LARGE, very CLEAR images.  If they appear too small to you its because your browser is automatically resizing them on you.  Here's how to fix that:  Bring up a desired result image (the one you feel is too small) then move your cursor over the white space area (probably on the bottom of the image)  for a moment or two, then move it back over the green result hardcopy.  Magically should see a small box with arrows appear on the image on the lower right hand corner.    Click on that and the full size image will be present. 





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