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Sunday, October 3, 2004

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  The Missing Man Formation

Here is the 1st half +30 novice moto and I had only one thing on my mind as they passed by:  the "missing man"; Hank Bennett.  This would have been his very next moto "if only". 

I hope that each of you enjoyed the moment of silence that Ace Motocross had for Hank on October 3rd and that you will also remember the motocross career that will never be.  Truly we have heard, from friends and family, that Hank had boundless enthusiasm for this sport and would have made many friends as he continued riding with us for 10, 20, 30 more years.  But now we are only left to imagine what good times and what a great rider he would have become "if only" there had been more time.  Godspeed Hank Bennett and may your spirit and enthusiasm live on in the hearts and minds of your children and in all those who have come to learn, over these past few weeks, of just what a fine man you were.

Please remember that this week (October 10th at Diamondback) tickets will again be on sale for the final drawing which will occur at ACE on October 17th (and you need NOT be present to win):    RAFFLE


100% of our Race Day Results

Senior mini
+30 expert
+30 amateur
+30 novice
Junior mini
+40 expert
Peewee oil injected
+40 amateur
+40 novice
125 expert
125 amateur
125 novice
Peewee 4-6
Peewee 7-8
Open mini
+25 expert
+25 amateur
+25 novice
60cc 6-9
60cc 10-11
250 expert
250 amateur
250 novice

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Here are some more pictures from this racing day:

125 expert:   Terry Finkle and the photo dude
1st 5 motos of the day were tough stuff
Open mini:  Jake Beebe flying highGreg Smith !!!!,   who be this?
60cc  6-9 2nd half:   MOVIE  (sorry, had sound "off")
60cc  10-11 2nd half:  MOVIE (sorry, had sound "off")
Schoolboy 2nd half:  MOVIE  (sorry, had sound "off")
Vintage 2nd half:  MOVIE
Women 2nd half:   MOVIE (Chrissie, you were SMOKING)      Samantha air
54 year old spode with some really pathetic air ==>    Give it up already !!
Motofest prizes ON DISPLAY !!!!    Everyone waiting to pick up SO MANY PRIZES !!
Sal, still riding at 68 years old.

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Let's welcome a new expert rider to the fold: 
Chris Taylor, #723,  is a +25 expert  with this dominating win at the end of today.
Congratulations and you couldn't meet a nicer guy !!

Photos by Professional Photographers of this racing day:  


Happy Birthday Kurt Mcmillen !!!!!!!      

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