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Sunday, May 22, 2005

This Sunday's race is dedicated to the memory of Rocky Cassone Jr.  (left in this picture from 1976) who died of natural causes, at the age of 45, at ACE Motocross on this racing day.

The sudden passing of Rocky is a huge loss for many people in our district because, as evident from the picture above, Rocky was a long term district 34 motocrosser.  But Rocky's love of  sport was no match for his love of people.  He showed it to you with his warm greetings, his self-effacing humor, the sincerity in his eyes and his soft smile. Yes, Rocky loved people more than he loved anything else on this earth. And that's what hurts so much right now. This was a towering man and his loss leaves us feeling alone and confused.  And that's all that really needs to be said right now.  So godspeed Rocky.  You lived your life on this earth exactly the way your maker had hoped you would and for that you can be certain of eternal peace and happiness.

Note:  The above picture was taken 29 years ago when Rocky was only 16 years old.   The rider to the right in this picture (#144) is John Barton, the current president of ACE Motocross. This picture was handed to me by Rocky himself only 2 years ago.  It was a treasure to him and he wanted it scanned and preserved.  What a smile I got when he saw it go up on the web !

Funeral arrangements can be found on the ACE Message board.


100% of our Race Day Results

Peewee 4-8
Peewee 7-8
Peewee 4-6
+30 expert
+30 amateur
+30 novice
+25 expert
+25 amateur +25 novice
Open mini
125 expert
125 amateur
125 novice final 60cc 6-9
60cc 10-11
Senior mini
Junior mini
+40 expert 40 amateur
+40 novice
Schoolboy 250 expert
250 amateur
250 novice . . .

These are all very LARGE, very CLEAR images.  If they appear too small to you its because your browser is automatically resizing them on you.  Here's how to fix that:  Bring up a desired result image (the one you feel is too small) then move your cursor over the white space area (probably on the bottom of the image)  for a moment or two, then move it back over the green result hardcopy.  Magically should see a small box with arrows appear on the image on the lower right hand corner.    Click on that and the full size image will be present. 


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