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Sunday, March 26, 2006
** First Race of the ACE season **    

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Mark Lindsay, #240, on his way to a 1-1 overall sweep of Collegeboy

Adam Volpe, #903, perfect rocker triple on his 250F from the inside:  MOVIE    (replay in slow mo)

Great College air... John Calderone, #509            Peewee 7-8 1st half holeshot     

Schoolboy (12 years old) Matthew Moore (787)
(and he took the win in the first 125C moto !)


100% of our Race Day Results

Peewee Oil Inj
Peewee 7-8
Peewee 4-6
+30 expert
+30 amateur
+30 novice
Open mini
125 expert
125 amateur 125 novice 60cc 6-9
60cc 10-11
250 expert
250 amateur
250 novice
Junior mini
Senior mini +40 expert
+40 amateur
+40 novice
Schoolboy Collegeboy +25 expert
+25 amateur
+25 novice
note: I was told that some changes were made to the last class after I imaged it.  sorry.

These are all very LARGE, very CLEAR images.  If they appear too small to you its because your browser is automatically resizing them on you.  Here's how to fix that:  Bring up a desired result image (the one you feel is too small) then move your cursor over the white space area (probably on the bottom of the image)  for a moment or two, then move it back over the green result hardcopy.  Magically should see a small box with arrows appear on the image on the lower right hand corner.    Click on that and the full size image will be present. 


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1st Half Women's & Vintage Start...     Result

Caitlyn Dinan (#16) and overall winner, Haley Burke (#818), spectating            Haley on spectator jump

Samantha Fritz, #92, doubling rockers out of inside line:  MOVIE   


Other Pics from this Racing Day

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Some more Motocross Mascots

The Bull                   The Husky              The Boxer

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