Track Layout

Ace Motocross Satelite View

SURFACE TEXTURE:  intermediate  (dirt packs well which enables all our jump faces to hold up almost perfectly throughout the day)

SIGNUP:  trailer next to control tower.   pay at leftmost window and get your class signup applications.  after filling them out go to rightmost window to present your credentials ( MSC card) and get recorded for your race.

UNIQUE TRACK FEATURE:  A tunnel exists under the finish line which permits you to enter the infield area of the track and spectate from there.

  1. Holeshot is a dirt starting pad. Start sequence is a conventional traffic stoplight (as found on any public road):
    RED = Put your goggles on and clear your 2-stroke motor out one last time.
    YELLOW = Shift your bike into gear, get into your holeshot stance, but keep staring at the yellow light!
    GREEN = Quickly shift your eyes to the gate itself.  When that gate pin moves 1 millimeter DROP THE HAMMER and go for your win !

  2. Now you race down the start straight to a fast sweeping left.  Then down a long, fast straight to a hairpin left. Then down another long, fast straight and a hard right turn into a medium table (generally known as the "start table").

  3. Next jump is a small stepup.

  4. Then a hairpin left into a double-double. But land short (and inside) after the second double for the left hairpin after it.

  5. Then a short straight to a right, to a banked left that sets you up for a medium double (generally known as the "double before Murphy's)

  6. Short straight to a large table (known as Murphy's Law).

  7. Medium straight to a rocker/table. (most do it as two doubles to a final table jump).   Over the years, a few have been able to do it as a triple (using the 4th rocker as a ramp) and land on the table.

  8. Drop into 1st gravity cavity at speed and rail a sandy berm and jump out of it. (note this section is only run if daylight hours are long enough).

  9. Banked right turn into a large table knows as the "spectator tabletop".

  10. Right turn and drop into 2nd gravity cavity.

  11. Jump out of 2nd gravity immediately into 3rd gravity cavity.

  12. Wind it up and power up a medium-large stepup (lots of air and a great spectator point) land and immediately power into a long, shallow table.

  13. Then a right into finish line rockers. Most double.  Stars triple-triple.

  14. Immediately into the finish line stepup. 

  15. Then a long, FAST straight to a left turn with a roller and you are ready for you second lap.

Note:  The Club often elects to make  track routing changes from race to race.  Please be sure to arrive early to walk the track to determine what the best line will be on any given race day.  Here are directions to the track.  

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